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Rentals & Sales

Bicycle Rentals
Biking is a great way to get around and experience the charm of Hermann, spend time with your family or just indulge in some "me" time. Hermann Missouri and the Katy Trail offer you the chance to get outside and enjoy the scenery. We have over 50 quality bicycles for you to choose from. At only $15 a day, you can be rest assured that it is an investment well spent. We even have a tandem bike for two people to enjoy the experience together. Contact us with any questions you may have.

Bicycle Sales
Riding a bicycle is an experience that lasts a lifetime. Whether you are looking to purchase a bike for you or for someone else, we have what you're looking for. Contact us and let us provide you with a bicycle that fits your needs. From trail riding to street racing we look forward to outfitting you with a bicycle that fits your needs and will let you enjoy the nearby attractions such as the Katy Trail or the beautiful streets of Hermann Missouri.

16" Gremlin 16" Schwinn - Gremlin

16" Gremlin 16" Schwinn - Lil Stardust

16" Gremlin 20" GT - Aerostar

16" Gremlin 26" Schwinn - Frontier

16" Gremlin 20" GT - Performer

16" Gremlin 20" Schwinn - Stingray

16" Gremlin 26" Schwinn - Sierra

16" Gremlin 26" Schwinn - Tandem

16" Gremlin Schwinn - Voyageur

GT Compe 20" GT - Compe

Sun EZ 3SX Trike Sun Brand Recumbant - EZ 3SX Trike

Sun EZ Tomahawk CX Sun Brand Recumbant - EZ Tomahawk CX

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Katy Trail

Katy Trail

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Hermann Missouri

Hermann, Missouri

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